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Mission Trips

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What You Can Expect...





Volunteers that select our mission trip usually are church groups, young teenagers with big hearts, and individuals that have craftsmen abilities.  We accept anyone who is willing to give a helping hand and help others in need. 

How We Help 

We help the working poor by providing carpentry solutions and financial service that help the recipients build a foundation, become savers and givers rather than financial debtors. The volunteers and Good Neighbor staff members team up to help rebuild roofs, floors, foundations, walls. They also install insulation, build entire homes - and develop a good living foundation for the recipients.  



Our volunteers help the working poor develop a foundation that will allow them to prosper and teach others in the community to follow suit.  We rebuild the broken structure of a house, a roof, but what we are really doing is rebuilding a foundation of hope, love, strength and a new beginning for volunteers and the people we help. 


Team Building

Team building is an essential part of life and why our mission trip is so powerful at instilling team building in our youth volunteers and corporate teams. At the end of the mission trip, your group will have better team building skills and will further develop their team building abilities. 


Lodging & Food

Eat Well: Hot Breakfast, Cold Lunch and Hot Dinners... As mission trips go, our food gets 5 stars!  If you would like an unbiased opinion, just ask anyone who has attended - we can provide plenty of references!






Bluegrass Music (Hoedown), Cliff Jumping, Tours of historical and cultural sites, Scenic walks, etc.​


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